The goal of GEP Solar is to create itself as "The pioneer of Solar Green Energy".

Warmly celebrate the completion of green energy power plant

The workshop completion ceremony of Jiangsu Lvneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. was officially held at 8:8 on November 8, 2016. The meeting was attended by Leng Qingsong, Chairman of the Board, Xie Tao, General Manager, Pei Xuefeng, Deputy General Manager, and all employees of Green Energy Power, who gathered together to celebrate this historic moment. On the day of the event, Leng Qingsong, the chairman, delivered an important speech, and Xie Tao, the general manager, delivered a speech.

The factory building of Jiangsu Lvneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. started construction in August 2016 and has been completed, which means that it has reached a new stage of development and is of historic significance. The company will vigorously carry out the R&D and manufacturing of components, improve the products, enter the factory and put the production line into operation, so as to increase our competitiveness and market share.

On November 8, 2017, this is one of the most advanced and intelligent component factories at home and abroad, with an annual output of 300 MW, which will create nearly 1 billion yuan/year and increase 100 high-quality jobs.

The new plant area is shown in the figure below: