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Jiangsu Lvneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. was shortlisted for green factories in Jiangsu Province in 2020 (the first batch)

According to the requirements of the Notice on Recommending the List of Green Manufacturing in 2020 and Related Work (SGXGY [2020] No. 80), the list of green factories in Jiangsu Province (the first batch) to be shortlisted in 2020 is now publicized through the procedures of application by the applicant, local audit, form review, expert review, special joint review, etc.

The publicity period is from December 2, 2020 to December 8, 2020

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology

December 2, 2020

List of green factories in Jiangsu Province (the first batch) to be shortlisted

(No. 81 of Lvneng Power)

1. CSCEC Wuzhou Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd

2. Nanjing Huaxin Tengcangguang Communication Co., Ltd

3. Everbright Environmental Energy (Nanjing) Co., Ltd

4. Nanjing Zile Beverage Industry Co., Ltd

5. Nanjing Feiyan Piston Ring Co., Ltd

6. Wuxi Daika Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

7. Green Dot Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd

8. Wuxi Mingzhu Cable Co., Ltd

9. Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Co., Ltd

10. Zhongchen Cable Co., Ltd

11. Jiangsu Emma Auto Technology Co., Ltd

12. Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd

13. Jiangsu GCL Silicon Material Technology Development Co., Ltd

14. Xuzhou Daycare Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd

15. Jiangsu Zhongmeng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd

16. Xuzhou Tianhong Shidai Textile Co., Ltd

17. Zhongxin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

18. Xuzhou Longshan Cement Co., Ltd

19. Xuzhou Zhonglian Cement Co., Ltd

20. Jiangsu Guomao Reducer Co., Ltd

21. Jiangsu Gangrui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

22. Jiangsu Changbao Plessen Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

23. Jiangsu Xiangneng Technology Development Co., Ltd

24. Jiangsu Yingke Communication Technology Co., Ltd

25. AVIC Lithium Technology Co., Ltd

26. Jiangsu Luokai Electromechanical Co., Ltd

27. Changzhou Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd

28. China Salt Jintan Salt&Chemical Co., Ltd

29. Orkoninc (Kunshan) Aluminum Co., Ltd

30. Hongzhun Precision Mold (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

31. Bozhong Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd

32. Bosch Automotive Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

33. Suzhou Chunxing Precision Industry Co., Ltd

34. Chery Jaguar Land Rover Co., Ltd

35. George Fischer Metal Forming Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

36. Jiangsu Hengtong Optical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd

37. Lixun Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

38. Fuxiang Precision Industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

39. Suzhou Weixin Electronics Co., Ltd

40. Taicang Tongwei Electronics Co., Ltd

41. Xingheng (Suzhou) Power Supply Co., Ltd

42. Jiangsu Yongding Shengda Cable Co., Ltd

43. Jiangsu Hengtong Power Cable Co., Ltd

44. Wells Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

45. Suzhou Industrial Park Heshun Electric Co., Ltd

46. Delphi Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

47. KONE Elevator Co., Ltd

48. Suzhou Wujiang Everbright Environmental Energy Co., Ltd

49. COFCO Donghai Grain and Oil Industry (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd

50. Suzhou Zhenlun Cotton Textile Co., Ltd

51. Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

52. Changshu Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd

53. Taicang Xintai Alcohol Co., Ltd

54. Yashili Paint (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

55. Suzhou Erye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

56. Ellie Dennison (China) Co., Ltd

57. Suzhou Dacheng Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd

58. Jiangdong Technology Co., Ltd

59. Nantong Haixing Electronics Co., Ltd

60. Jiangsu Shenma Power Co., Ltd

61. Jiangsu Tiannan Power Co., Ltd

62. Hai'an Tianying Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd

63. Nantong Shuanghong Textile Co., Ltd

64. Shenyang Chemical Research Institute (Nantong) Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd

65. Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical Co., Ltd

66. Nantong COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd

67. Lianyungang Duzhong Xinaoshen Spandex Co., Ltd

68. Lianyungang Xingxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

69. Lianyungang Yaxin Steel Co., Ltd

70. Fengyi Polymer Materials (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd

71. Clariant Fengyi Fatty Amine (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd

72. Jiangsu Deyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

73. Jiangsu Lihuai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

74. Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Dongtai Co., Ltd

75. Funing GCL Integrated Technology Co., Ltd

76. Jiangsu Botuo New Building Materials Co., Ltd

77. Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd

78. Haiwo Machinery (China) Co., Ltd

79. Fengfan (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd

80. Yangzhou Hengrun Ocean Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

81. Jiangsu Lvneng Power Technology Co., Ltd

82. Digoli Decoration Materials (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

83. Global Transmission Taizhou Co., Ltd

84. Jiangsu Shenyuan Group Co., Ltd

85. Jiangsu Huamai Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

86. Jiangsu Kexing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

87. Greenland (Jiangsu) Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd

88. Yihai (Taizhou) Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd

89. Jiangsu Sousa Food Co., Ltd

90. Jiangsu Suolong Fire Technology Co., Ltd

91. Jichuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

92. Zhongyu Hose Technology Co., Ltd

93. Jingjiang Guolin Wood Industry Co., Ltd

94. Yaros Building Materials (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

95. Budweiser (Suqian) Beer Co., Ltd

96. Mengniu Dairy Suqian Co., Ltd

97. Jiangsu Shuanggou Wine Co., Ltd

98. Jiangsu Deshun Textile Co., Ltd